New Skin & Shape

Yay!! I finally got a new skin and shape. After using the same skin/shape for the last 2 years, my good friend Dita convinced me to get a new skin (actually she bought it for me since we were in the skin store, and I believe she really didn’t like my previous skin).

I have been using the Exodi Isolde Nuit 18 skin with a self made shape.  My new skin is the Olivia Mocha from Laqroki. The shape is a custom, from scratch shape made by my friend Dita (she makes good shapes). Actually, she just made the face since my face was what was in need of fixing. My old eyes were too close together and my nose was too small, basically I didn’t like it either and was wanting a new face. I was always happy with my body shape so it’s almost the same with some minor adjustments.

On the left is my old skin/shape. On the right is the new skin/shape. Looks soooooooo much better doesn’t it? 🙂


LAQ Olivia Mocha 01

Thank you and enjoy,
Kyli 🙂

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