Don’t Be Afraid

If any clothing designers out there read my blog, I have a couple of tips that you should be aware of.

1. If you sell anything mesh (this includes mesh/non mesh hair and shoes), you should ALWAYS include a demo for your item. I have a philosophy, if there isn’t a demo, I will not buy it. I don’t have a lot of $L’s and I’m not going to spend large amounts of my $L’s on items that may or may not fit me.

2. Speaking of demos, I have discovered a few stores lately that haven’t quite grasped the concept of demos.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to name which stores as I do not wish to speak poorly of anyone. For one thing, demos should ALWAYS be free. I’m not going to purchase your item if I have to purchase your demo. I’ve seen a lot of demos that are $1L. And if you do include a demo in your store, either give us the contents of the box in a folder or include a script that allows us to open the box if we attach it to our body.

I went to a store today, got their demo for a mesh dress that I really liked and discovered that when I got the demo, it was a box in my Objects folder, and the store did not allow the rezzing of items so I had to leave the store and go to a sandbox somewhere (possibly my home if I had one), rez the box and grab the contents, then try on the item and go back to the store if I wanted to purchase. Would have been easier if I could have done all this right there in the store. Needless to say, I didn’t buy the item.

Ok, enough ranting for now. I did get some new things today. A new dress and hair. The hair is actually fairly new but the dress I believe has been out for a while (just discovered the store today actually).


[LeLutka]-JOLIE_RM hair – Pitch

[celoe.chelsea.dress.champagne.M] *group gift*

Maitreya Gold * Flip-Flops Eclipse

Maitreya Strings & Beads Anklet (Included in Maitreya Gold * Flip-Flops)

Thank you and enjoy,
Kyli 🙂

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