Arabian Knights

Hello everyone. I went hunting today. Seraphim turned one not too long ago so they had a Seraphim Turns One Hunt. A lot of great items, inluding poses and mesh items, and a little better than some hunts because each item is $10L instead of the usual free items. Luckily, you can see each item on the website ahead of time and jump to each location manually so you don’t have to buy without seeing.

One of my favorite items from the hunt is this harem outfit from SAKIDE. Includes mesh pants and sash, and a layered top. Comes in 2 colors, Black and Taupe.


[BURLEY] Nelly Black 02 *New*

[ SAKIDE ] Linen Harem Black (Taupe color included) (Saraphim Birthday Hunt July 15th-31st)

*GA* Flat Bare Feet
SLURL not found [Marketplace] (demo available)

*yoyo9*  necklace ??? pearl (currently closed for remodeling)


Thank you and enjoy,
Kyli 🙂

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