Sole Sucker

Hello everybody,

I decided to do something a little different this blog post.  I decided to do a post of all my favorite footwear in SL.

In my real life, I only have 6 pairs of shoes. I know what you’re thinking, a girl with only 6 pairs of shoes? I’m not an ordinary girl. 😛  I’m not a flashy dresser, I wear basically the same outfits every day, usually my camo capris, jeans, a couple dresses and thats it. As far as my shoes go, I have a pair of black lowtop Chucks, black 20 eye Doc Martens boots, black flip-flops, 2 pairs of black high heels (one open toe, one closed toe platform) and a pair of black Adidas Sambas (evidently I have a bunch of black shoes, in RL and SL).

So here in SL, I have quite a few pairs of footwear, ranging from from bare feet to heels to boots. I’ll be showcasing my favorite heels, boots and regular shoes.


Top Left:
Kboots – Black

Top Right:
[Gos] Triumph Boots V2 – Fem – Worn [fave]

Bottom Left:
A&Y Deuz Boots Metallic – Black [mesh]

Bottom Right:
P10 Persephone Boots Patent
Store has apparently closed or moved, can’t find in world to provide SLURL


Top Left:
N-core CUORE “Black” (Mesh)

Top Right:
N-core TRIUMPH “Black”

Bottom Left:
N-core ETOILE “Black”

Bottom Right:
REDGRAVE – Shoes Helena – 12colors [fave]


Top Left:
N-core Flat BAREFEET & Flip-Flops [fave]

Top Right:
N-core Tip Toe BAREFEET (Mesh)

Bottom Left:
UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

Bottom Right:
[monso] My Studded Oxford – Black

Thank you,
Kyli 🙂

Sole Sucker by Lords of Acid

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