In A Big Country


Hello everybody

It is Monday, June 21st, which means it is officially the first day of summer. Yay!!!

When my friend Shana gets home from work, we will be doing a Summertime photo together for my blog with a more Summertime feel. But for now, I’m doing this post (took this picture a few days ago but have been busy and haven’t had the time to blog).

[NV] released some new tops recently and I love them. I’ve always loved most of NV’s creations but hardly any of them ever fit me without some serious modifications to my avatar. I will mod a little bit as needed but I like to keep any and all editing to an absolute minimum. These new tops fit me perfectly, the XS size is so perfect, I don’t even need to use the alpha layer.

Same thing with this skirt from JANE. It was an early mesh release, when mesh was still brand new. This skirt was released with 4 sizes, back before designers came up with the standard sizing so these skirts have been discontinued. I managed to get 3 of them (this one, black and black floral) before they were discontinued but I wish I had got them all. The petite size fits me perfectly and I want more of them.


[NV] Anux Top -Black [NEW]

JANE – maxi skirt.lillith.blush (no longer available)

Shoes (hidden by skirt):
N-core Flat BAREFEET & Flip-Flops

[DDL] Nai (Watch) (Black / Silver)

Thank you,
Kyli 🙂

In A Big Country by Big Country

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