Second Life Helpful Tools Meme


Hello everyone,

Sorry for not posting in a while, I’ve been busy in RL and haven’t had the chance to really take pictures and post to my blog. Most of the time, when I even login to SL, it’s to go to the Asylum to see Ana or Eerie when they DJ. I got a new job in RL so I can’t really login as much as I’d like. But I saw this meme today and I have some free time today.

Todays post is one of Strawberry Singhs Monday Memes: Second Life Helpful Tools Meme

The picture above is a screenshot of my viewer and all the huds I use. The only one I ever have active all the time is my AO, the rest are used as needed.

Firstorm v4.4.2.34167
I’ve been using this as my viewer ever since it was Emerald. I don’t think I’ve ever used the standard SL viewer and I’d be kind scared to even try it. I would be so lost.

1. AKEYO PowerAO HUD [old Hunt item but still available to purchase]
I’ve been using this as my AO since Christmas 2011, when it was one of the hunt items on one of the Depraved Nation hunts. It has a dance hud built in too. All of my animations are from Oracul and all the dances are from Humanoid or Akeyo.

2. Textgasm Pro v2.9
I only really use this to add text to my SL profile.

3. AnyPose Expression HUD v1.0
I don’t use this that much anymore but still find it useful sometimes, especially if I’m taking a close up shot and my eyes tend to wander around. I spend too much time waiting for my eyes to look a certain direction so I just attach this hud and problem solved.

4. SP-001 Static Pose (Woman)
My standard pose hud I use for just about every photo I do. I love it, 100L for around 250 poses, with free lifetime updates.

What I’m Wearing:
Exile::Erase and Rewind [New]

celoe.chelsea.dress.champagne [old group gift]

N-core ETOILE “Black”

[DDL] Nai (Watch) (Black / Silver)

Thank you,
Kyli 🙂